How do I

get to school?

Parent Drop Off

  • Please be courteous and cautious as you drop your child(ren) off at school. 

  • When entering the parking lot, ONLY turn right off of Elm Street (this might mean you have to loop the block, but this will mean you do not have to cross traffic, and it will not interrupt the flow)

  • Please enter only off of Elm Street (Broadway) and not off of Walnut Street (by Arugula). 

  • Please do not start lining up to pickup your children until 3:00 pm at the EARLIEST

  • Since we added an additional route THERE WILL BE NO PARKING ON THE BUS LOADING SIDE (East side) We will need the entire loading zone for buses. If you are parked there, you will be asked to move

  • When exiting, ONLY turn right back onto Elm

  • Your child will be standing in line waiting for you, once your vehicle is stopped, the teacher on duty will send your child to your car. 

  • Please do not do anything to disrupt the flow of traffic