Bus Routes for 2022-23

Bus Routes



Parent Drop Off

Parent Side - N Ridge Ave

  • Please do NOT show up prior to 3 pm. When we have cars in the queue at 2:45 it causes the queue to continue onto Elm. If you arrive prior to 3 pm, we will ask you to leave and return at 3. 
    • We will load children as quickly as we can. 
  • If you have more than one child that you pickup, please have them arrange a meeting area so all children are together as they are waiting for you.
  • Do NOT use Arugula's parking (Walnut St) to pick up your children, children will only be able to load in the vehicle on Ridge Ave
  • Please do NOT block the intersection of Elm and Ridge, as students use the crosswalk to walk home
  • Please do NOT block the entrance to the parking lot
  • When using the pickup/drop off zone, ONLY turn right off of Elm and pull as far forward as possible in the loading zone. 
  • Students will ONLY enter the vehicle on the passenger side from the sidewalk and not walk around to the driver's side
  • When your student(s) are loaded in the vehicle, you may pull out SLOWLY, even if you are not the first in line.
  • Once you are in the queue, all vehicles will pull forward when there is an opening 
  • If the queue is too long on Elm, please proceed East on Elm and turn onto Placer Ave (the YMCA is on this road) and turn back on Walnut, then down to Water and then get back in the queue. Hopefully, you will only have to do this once.
  • If there is an open spot several car lengths in front of you, YOU CANNOT get out of the queue, pass the cars that are in the queue, and pull into the empty spot. The teachers on duty will pull the entire queue up, or if you deem it safe, please pull safely up. 
  • Please be civil and courteous to other drivers and the teachers on duty as you are picking up your children, we all have your children's safety in mind
  • IF you have parked in the past, and waited for your children to walk to you, this is not allowed anymore. If you want to park, YOU MUST walk over to the parent pickup side and pick up your children. We will not allow children to cross the road by themselves if they are walking to your vehicle that is parked. Please come and pick them up and walk them back to your vehicle. 
  • If you reside in walking distance from the school, and your children walk home, we will have a teacher help them cross the street in the afternoon. 
  • Students CANNOT be in the building prior to 8:00am, our teachers are not expected to be in their room until 8:00am, If this becomes a consistent problem, where your children arrive prior to 8:00am, we will contact you and set up a time to meet to discuss what we can do to resolve the issue.