Food Drive!

Thank you for wanting to help with our food drive!

Please see below for the list of foods we are collecting for each class.

However, any of these foods are appreciated!

AIA Food Drive Donations:

Marcum (AIA) - Stuffing 

Rice (AIA) - Rolls, Biscuits, etc.

Schiner (AIA) - Mac ‘n Cheese

Spencer (AIA) - Cranberry Sauce

Bikman (AIA) - Anything Pie

Goodwin (AIA) - Soda

Howell (AIA) - Mash Potatoes

Martinez (AIA) - Canned Vegetables and Fruits

Nelson (AIA) - Gravy

Nichols (AIA) - Dressing

Pack (AIA) - Jello/Pudding

Papaiaoannou (AIA) - Crackers

Peoples (AIA) - Sweet Potatoes

Powers (AIA) - Marshmallows

Tibbets (AIA) - Frozen Pies 

T. Smith (AIA) - Frozen Pies

Bishop (AIA) - Hot Cocoa

Mann (AIA) - Yams

Johnson (AIA) - Trays for Turkeys

Tuck (AIA) - Trays for Turkeys 

Rescorla (AIA) - Cool whip

M. Smith (AIA) - Butter