We are thrilled with the progress Construction Solutions has made on our cafeteria and kitchen project. The end of the project is in sight. Now it is time for all the finishing touches, which includes the furniture. 

When Alturas refinanced the building, the school was fortunate to obtain funds to build a cafeteria and kitchen. However, these funds will not support furniture, and because we are a charter school separate from the local districts, we have no access to levy funds to pay for any of our building improvements. We need your help at this time to help fundraise for furniture for such an innovative and creative space that we are fortunate to have. 

This gives you a chance to contribute directly to something that will help your students now, as well as generations to come! We will be having a variety of fundraising events to support this furniture purchase, however, your direct donations are going to be the primary means for providing funds for this project. There will be an easy direct donation button on your Parent Portal school store. The furniture is going to be around 70,000 dollars, and we are hoping to fundraise half of this, so there will not be a huge impact on the school budget. If each Alturas family donates or fundraises $100, we will obtain our goal. In this, we know some families cannot donate $100, while others could contribute more. We want to ask each family, no matter the amount, to donate to this project. If you are a business that can donate a substantial amount, our goal is more achievable. We are hoping for donations ranging from $10 to $5,000. 

As you can imagine this project has been challenging, but rewarding. The new space is going to make such a difference in our students' lives, as we will be able to implement the federal lunch program, and provide hot lunches for both APA and AIA students. The space has turned out incredible, and we are excited to share the grand opening! 



Enter District Name: Alturas International Academy

State: Idaho 

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Go to the "School Store" tab 

Select "Products"

Select "Cafe-teria" Donation/Fundraiser

Enter the amount of your donation

For Recipient: add a student's name or "Cafe-teria"

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