Meet Tera Rescorla


My name is Mrs. Tera Rescorla.  I just moved here from McKinney, Texas.  I taught 5th grade
math last year in Aubrey Texas.  After receiving my degree in health sciences and 15 years of
practicing chiropractic, I chose to follow my love of education and become a teacher.  I came to
Alturas because the teaching philosophy encompasses why I got into teaching.  I believe that all
students deserve to be taught according to how they learn as well as to communicate their
thoughts and ideas without being afraid of making mistakes.  I strive for my students to become
independent thinkers and self directed learners.
A little more about me….. I have been married to my husband for 30 years and have 2 children,
Christian (13) and Mila (10).  I love spending time with my family going fishing, hiking and
camping.  I also enjoy yoga, gardening and coffee!