Tammie Smith was born and raised here in Idaho. Growing up in the small town
of Dubois, she is a small-town girl at heart.
Following in her father’s footsteps (as well as 4 or her 8 siblings) Mrs. Smith
joined the U.S. Army and spent her time stationed in a small farm town in Germany.
She believes that her time in the military gave added to her love of working with people
of different cultures, ethnicities and backgrounds. She was able to see many wonderful
places and meet many wonderful people on her military journey. She continues to be
thankful for the lessons the military taught her.
Mrs. Smith has been married for 20 years and has a blended family (yours, mine
and ours). Together she and her husband have 4 sons and 7 grandchildren. The two
youngest sons, followed in her footsteps joining the military. The youngest is currently
deployed with the United States Army as part of Operation Enduring Freedom. She
enjoys spending time with her family, and especially enjoys watching her
grandchildren’s sports and other activities. Mrs. Smith and her husband started a
Christmas tree farm that has roughly 700 trees that will be ready to harvest in
approximately 5 years.
Even though Mrs. Smith postponed her degree in Education until she was a bit
older, she knows she is where she is meant to be. English and History are two of her
favorite subjects, but also dabbles in art (something she was taught by her father). She
loves being present in the classroom and working with the students. The students fill
her heart and soul with light and love. She loves the model at Alturas that allows for
students to work with each other, teaching them the art of cooperation in small group
settings all while they are having their own individual moments of growth. She looks
forward to working with the students and staff at Alturas.