Meet Yannan Bu

Yannan (Cathy) Bu was born and raised in Jiangsu, China. She has been married for
thirteen years. She has an amazing husky puppy and two wonderful daughters. She lived in
North Carolina for six years where she and her husband went to graduate school. There she got
her master’s degree in Information Technology and Management. She then moved to Idaho
Falls in 2015 and has been enjoying the adventurous life here ever since. 
She worked in District 91 as a paraprofessional before she came to AIA. Her favorite
subject to teach is Math. She is a certified trainer of Thinking Map, which is a powerful learning
tool. She strongly believes that learning happens everywhere and always, not just in the
In her free time, she loves camping, hiking, biking, kayaking, paddle boating, and skiing
with her family. Her girls (ages 7 and 10) conquered the Palisade Creek Trail this year without
whining, which made her particularly proud.