Meet Shayne Rathfon

Shayne (Morgan) Rathfon was born and raised in Idaho Falls. She is the oldest of 5 children and loves spending time with her family. She loves living in Idaho because she enjoys all the outdoor activities such as camping, boating, skiing, hiking, and sports. She graduated from Skyline High School where she played soccer and basketball.

Mrs. Rathfon loves to spend time in the outdoors with her husband. Nearly every weekend in the summer they can be found hiking, fishing, backpacking, camping, and exploring many of the beautiful places Idaho has to offer.

Mrs. Rathfon earned her bachelor’s degree in Educational Interpreting from Idaho State University. She is a certified sign language interpreter and worked in education for 4 years. After noticing that she loved working with children, she decided to get her teaching certificate so she could work with more than just one child each year.

During her first year of teaching, she taught middle school math at Alturas. Mrs. Rathfon is currently teaching kindergarten. She is so excited to create a loving and fun learning environment where students will have a fantastic first-year experience. She is excited to incorporate sign language, fun, and small group instruction to teach her students to truly love school and learning.