Meet Robin Papaioannou

Robin Papaioannou was born and raised in Idaho Falls. One of her proudest accomplishments is
being a mother and role model for her two beautiful daughters. Spending time with family and
friends is her favorite past time, but she also loves reading, playing golf, and most of all

Mrs. Papaioannou second proudest accomplishment was receiving her Bachelor’s degree in
Elementary Education from Idaho State University. She went back to school as a non-traditional
student and balanced a job, being a wife, a mother, and student. Although this was challenging at
times, she believed she set a great example for her daughters, and she uses what she learned from
those challenges to help her relate to her students, and to be a more effective teacher.

Mrs. Papaioannou has gained a wide range of experience working for Idaho Falls School District
91 and Alturas International Academy. She has taught Kindergarten, 1st grade, 1st-3rd grade at
Alturas, and has been an Interventions Specialist. She is very excited to be returning to
Kindergarten at Alturas. She has served on multiple elementary education and professional
development committees as well as serving in program leadership roles.

Her love of teaching and making a difference in children’s lives is the foundation of who she is
as a teacher. She believes that every student is highly capable of learning, and it is important to
her to understand where each of them are on their educational journey and to give them what
they need to be successful.  Mrs. Papaioannou believes that having a positive relationship with
families and creating a positive classroom experience for her students is vital to their developing
a love for learning. She loves being part of the Alturas International Academy team.