Meet Martha Rigby

Martha Rigby was born and raised in Rigby, Idaho. She and her husband, David, have 2 wonderful boys! Mrs. Rigby loves spending time with her family, reading and teaching!!

Mrs. Rigby earned her Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education from Idaho State University in 2003. Since graduation, she has taught 3rd grade and Kindergarten and stayed home with her children. She is loving being back in the classroom and adores teaching a multi-age 1-3 grade class! 

Mrs. Rigby has wanted to be a teacher since she was a little girl, and teaching is one of her greatest joys. She is excited to be part of a model that allows children to grow and develop, and become lifelong learners. She loves seeing students collaborate and grow in this multi-age model, where each child becomes a leader and they thrive at their instructional level.  Mrs. Rigby loves being a part of the Alturas team and being involved in such an exciting change to traditional education.