Meet Martha Rigby

Martha Rigby was born and raised in Rigby, Idaho. She and her husband, Dave, have 2 wonderful little boys! Mrs. Rigby loves spending time doing just about anything with her family but they especially love rodeos. She also loves Italian food and chocolate. She loves to read a good book, scrapbook, and has recently found she loves taking pictures, especially of things that hold still, and the saddles her husband builds!

Mrs. Rigby earned her Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education from Idaho State University in 2003. Since graduation, she has taught 3rd grade and Kindergarten and has been home with her children. She is loving being back in the classroom and adores teaching a multi-age 1-3 grade class!

She has wanted to be a teacher since she was a little girl, and teaching is one of her greatest joys. She is excited to be part of a model that allows children to grow and develop at their own level with no limits. Mrs. Rigby is excited to be back in the classroom and working and growing with her students.