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Meet Kierra Barnard


Kierra Barnard was born and raised in St. Anthony Idaho. She is the middle child of three children, and she is the only girl. She graduated from Sugar Salem High School, and is currently attending Brigham Young University-Idaho. Kierra will complete her student teaching and her degree in December. She is married to her forever adventure buddy, Liam, and they love to spend their summers working together.

Kierra is always up for a new adventure. From yoga on paddleboards to racing derby cars, she is willing to explore and experience new things! Kierra loves to play the piano, ride her bike, and draw in her free time.

Kierra is receiving a degree in Elementary Education with an emphasis in English. Kierra has had the opportunity to teach high school students this past year as a part time teacher, and she absolutely loved every second of it. Kierra strongly believes in treating students with respect, and that there is an importance in recognizing their maturity and potential. She knows that every student is capable of amazing things, and she can't wait to see what her students accomplish, create, and discover in the years to come.  Kierra has fallen in love with the standards and goals of Alturas International Academy, and she is especially excited for the opportunity to join the "Alturas Family."