Meet Deborah Mann

Deborah Mann grew up in Rigby, Idaho, the fourth of eight children. She married Steve Mann and they have 6 children ranging in age from 19 to 7. Debi’s current hobbies are enjoying inspiring stories in books, movies, and music; and exploring nature. She graduated from college with a degree in therapeutic recreation and has worked in a variety of professions so far in her life: journalism, marketing, mental health, food service, English language learning, and now, elementary education.

She has found joy in all these ventures most particularly due to the diversity of people in a variety of settings she has worked with: creative story tellers; successful business owners; ropes course adventurers; amazing people living in mental hospitals and prisons; hard working students in China; and now, talented students, supportive parents, and caring staff of APA and AIA. The thing Deborah delights in most in life is the connections she makes with people. Deb has come to realize that it’s a given that she will love the people she crosses paths with. The adventure is learning why she will love them. Let the adventure begin!