Meet Katie Larsen

Katie Liebel Larsen was born in Southern California, but moved to Idaho Falls in middle school and considers herself an Idahoan. She graduated from Hillcrest High School in 2000 and was the first graduating class of BYU-Idaho in 2004. She earned her BA in English Education and walked across the stage pregnant with twin boys who are now 15. She and her husband Chad went on to have another boy and another set of boy/girl twins! 

After years spent in the business world, Alturas is the perfect fit for Katie. It is the best combination of the entrepreneurial spirit and the public system.  She is thrilled to bring her business mind and work ethic to the classroom. Katie believes creativity, innovation and dedication are the keys to success in school and life. It is her goal to instill in every student that they are valuable creators with something unique to offer the world. 

Adventure and risk taking really makes Katie’s blood start pumping. During the summer months will you find her kayaking, backpacking, camping, and discovering new places. In the winter she’s wishing for those days and traveling to warmer climates to survive the long cold months. She is ever-curious about this planet and its secrets. 

In 10th grade, her high school teacher read her The Giver aloud. It has been her favorite book ever since and she rereads it almost every year.  She hopes to pass along her love of reading, creative expression, and discovery to the students at Alturas. If each student walks away with validation and confidence, then her work is a success.