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Meet Jessica Ziel


Jessica Ziel is originally from Southeast Idaho.  She pursued her Bachelor’s degree from Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah.

Mrs. Ziel’s educational motto is, “My Superpower is, I Keep Trying.”

Mrs. Ziel has worked in a variety of educational settings and has developed the belief that children need to learn to keep trying, especially if something is hard! She believes that teaching children to be comfortable taking risks is paramount in today’s educational climate.  Developing grit and determination is an essential part of education.

Mrs. Ziel has had the good fortune to work with struggling learners throughout her professional life. Some of the roles she has played are as a Psycho-Social Rehab worker, Title One aide, and a special education paraprofessional.  

She has been positively influenced by watching many students keep trying when something is challenging. It has motivated her to ensure she is using the best methods and approaches to support students.  

Mrs. Ziel has developed a keen interest in learning differences and has pursued courses through the University of London and NoticeAbility (non-profit) concerning Dyslexia.  She has taught strategic remedial literacy courses both in group settings and in individual tutoring sessions.

She has taken that interest in learning differences and has taught math groups as well.  Most recently, she conducted Alturas International Academy’s MYP Special Education math course (2017-18).  

Recently Mrs. Ziel decided it was time to pursue teaching certification and she is currently working towards that goal.

Mrs. Ziel is married and has three children, Isaac (15), Matthew (12) and, Audrey (8).  

She snowshoes in the winter, hikes in the summer, watches a lot of football in the fall (both of her sons play), and attends many ballet practices with her daughter! She has two dogs, Rudy (a sweet Australian Shepard Mix) and Gobert (a beautiful Chocolate Lab).

She is excited to encourage her class of first through third graders to take risks and keep trying!