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Meet Jeff Kenly


Jeff Kenly is originally from Cardston Alberta Canada, where he worked many years on a dairy farm. He has a family that includes 4 kids; Nixon, Oakley, Monroe, Lane, and his loving wife, Kayla. He made the move down to Rexburg with his family to pursue his degree in elementary education, and completed it in only three years. He then moved to Las Vegas Nevada where he completed his students teaching and got his first 2 years under his belt in a 5th grade classroom. He then returned to the Idaho Falls area where he continued his career in teaching and has also completed his master’s degree in Educational Leadership. Mr. Kenly is now entering his 5th year in the classroom as an educator.

Mr. Kenly has a passion for creating a classroom of learning and adventure, making the Project Design class a dream to teach.  Jeff has always had a love for athletics and it was a big part of his life growing up. His athletics allowed him to start on his high school basketball team, receiving an award for defensive player of the year. He also played quarterback for his high school football team, as well as started shortstop for the baseball team. Mr. Kenly is excited to work as the school’s athletic director and can help the students grow in their passion for sports.