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Meet Jacqueline Hedelius 


Jacqueline Hedelius is in her nineth year of teaching special education in Idaho. She has taught in the K-6 and Middle School settings and enjoys being able to work with all students. She has been married for five years and has a four year old daughter. She treasures the time she is able to spend with her family. She loves getting behind the lens of her camera, capturing the world around her. She loves traveling and learning more about other cultures and places. She also enjoys baking, running, reading, and working on family history. Mrs. Hedelius is the Special Education Teacher/Special Education Director at Alturas.

She is glad to be a part of the Alturas Community and enjoys working with all of the students at the school but particularly enjoys being able to work with the students who need additional support through special education. She earned her BA in Applied Behavioral Science from National-Louis University in 2004 and then earned her MAED in Special Education from University of Phoenix in 2008. Mrs. Hedelius believes that all students are capable of learning and working hard to improve their education.

She appreciates the inclusion model that the school uses for the students with special educational needs. Being able to work in collaboration with other students helps everyone to be successful. She likes being able to go into all of the classrooms to support the general education teachers with their students. She wants all students to feel successful and know that they can do anything they are persistent in doing. She looks forward to continuing to help all students at Alturas to understand the school vision and become better members of their community.